Thank you for visiting Free Maiden! My name is Rashana and I am excited to share my creative vision with you.   I started  Free Maiden in order to create handmade adornment that was both unique and timeless. Fabricated with various metals, vintage, and found objects, I draw inspiration from nature, indigenous art, primitive form  and the countless humans for whom I create. I carry the belief that beauty is found in both traditional and modern offerings, and Free Maiden takes great pride in combining the two.  Each Free Maiden piece is designed to compliment the stylish individual while accenting their inner and outer beauty.   

The name "FREE MAIDEN" has a very special meaning to me.  It is derived from the moniker used by my mother, Robin, ever since I was a little girl.  She is the mother of three amazing women whom she has always referred to as her "Fair Maidens." She explicitly directed her fair maidens to always “Make a Statement," encouraging her daughters to develop confidence in their own sense of style.                                         

I began honing my style at a very early age. I enjoyed wearing accessories and clothing that I created with the intention of looking fabulous and standing out.  I'm not sure how fabulous I looked, but I definitely stood out.  As I grew older, my inclination towards “other” or “different” found it’s way into my life in a much more stylish and progressive way. I came to proudly separate myself from social convention and normality choosing to live my life being moved by my Spirit and the beauty around me .  Being “FREE” became a way of life. My desire is that I can inspire other people, through my life’s work, to do the same.  Welcome to Free Maiden.

"Feeling Free Inside Oneself Is Being Free" ~ Rei Kawakubo